Hilarious Japanese girl who spoke good enough English but with definite Japanese grammar overlaid and almost always left off the helping / linking words. Funniest person bar none I have ever encountered in real life or watching TV.   Take her back to East Palestine to visit family.   So driving my dad's van with him in passenger seat an her on the back bench.  We're tooling around some back roads and I'm showing her where I used to hang out as a kid.

For this you need to know my dad lived within a 100 foot radius his entire life.   He made as far as western Ohio on a trip but never to live.   So he's a big joker but when it got down to it very shy.

So we drive past the sign for White Thorn Lodge – a nudist camp and
   Dad jokes "hey that's the nudest camp – let's go in"
   Yoko:  "Ohhhh ho ho ho!  Naked town!  I want to see it!!!"

So I'm behind the wheel and it's gentle Y angle off the main road to enter.  I start doing my best head fake driving into White Thorn entrance and Dad starts panicking that I'm really going to drive into the nudist colony.  Yoko is in the back clapping her hands in joy adding to the full surround sound experience that we are really headed to Naked Town.    So my Dad – the guy who taught me to drive and emphasized you NEVER grab the steering wheel when someone else is driving starts grabbing the steering wheel to steer it towards the other alternative path.   I'll never forget the joy.  My father was a huge practical joker and I finally got a good one over on him.



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Prof Von No Strand MonsterID Icon Prof Von No Strand · May 3, 2024 at 9:53 pm

Lol, that is funny! Dad grabs the wheel, lol!!!

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