SB5101 Motorola SurfBoard Modem Links



  • 100m is the fuzzy recommended limit specified on the internet
  • Looking over the shoulder of Luan I saw that the operational frequency of the modem appeared to be 500MHz
  • Modem input signal range = 8 to 54 dbmV
  • Distance from Luizom's to Claudio's is about 130 Meters using Google Earth
  • SB5101 uses approximately 9 watts – 90mA max if @ 100 Volts – need to know gauge of small wire – assume drop of 100 volts with 90mA – this is 1100 ohms and probably far exceeds what a 200m run of small gauge wire will be
  • Modem install was done with my laptop – must clone its MAC address:  00-A0-D1-46-4B-8B


Coax Cable Extension Solution


Implementation attempts

  • Linksys router WRT54G v2.2 could receive and respond through 200m of ethernet cable
  • When SB5101 Surfboard modem / Linksys wrt54g v2.2 combination was tried through 200m of ethernet cable the combination did not work when in place with modem logged into Net cia system.  Acted very slow and out of sync.
  • With 100m cable between the Sb5101 modem and Linksys wrt54g v2.2 router and 100m cable between router and laptop the combination worked


Status of Internet Connection 1.28.2014

  • Cables are here
  • Claudio's end still up, the other two are here.
  • My daughter brought:  2 Holland model HCDA-1FRA-AG  CATV 1-Port Drop Amplifier 54-1000 MHz forward / 5-42 MHz Active Reverse DC PWR in/RF out +15 dB PWR in 12-16 VDC RF INPUT/DC PWR OUT
  • We'd need the cables for that.














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