Great Global Warming Swindle: In regular MPEG2 MPG2 DVD for standard DVD Playable File Format



Bob Muir Says: Total Video Converter should be able to do the job. It can convert .flv to MPEG2 which you can then burn to a DVD with your normal application. I want this show to get out.   I want normal American TV to be forced to show this by virtue of strong demand and possibility of ratings / ad sales that will pull the show in to be aired.     I burnt the 2 files linked below to DVD with the following results    1) it did not play on my neighbors new player    2) it does on my $40 old cheapy.  3) it does not play on a 3rd dvd player I need a better solution. Video nuts let me know if you have any clues.If you can not watch on their DVD player you will be able to watch on their computer with DVD ROM using Windows Media Player of a late model variety.  ( It does not run on a machine I have Win98 on because its mediaplayer version is aged.  It does play on the WinXP late version mediaplayer )The Great Global Warming Swindle in 2 parts.  –  Then start burning disks and passing them out to your friends!   You will probably want to RIGHT CLICK and do a SAVE TARGET AS.   If any of you are video nuts and know what I need to do to convert to .VOB  ( video object files ) Let me know.  This will allow the files to play on more DVD players. Great Global Warming Swindle-Part-1-MPG2-Format Great Global Warming Swindle-Part-2-MPG2-Format Please note the part-1 is 1 gigabyte and part-2 is 750 Megabytes so download could take a while.  Download it, burn it and pass it on !  Just in case the lib-googs remove this video from YouTube:  You can download the original .flv file here  ( this is only viewable using more specialized flash media viewers.  ) Another way to help spread this documentary, increase popular demand and thus force History and Discovery Channel to air this program is to help seed the bit torrent. Great Global Warming Swindle Bit Torrent                 


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