Versonel Nightwatcher Pro LED Security Motion Tracking Flood Light with Color Camera WiFi VSLNWP802  250 USD


EbaySearch: led light bulb camera wifi

Mini Security IP Camera 360 degree Panoramic Hidden wifi Camera Cam Light Bulb

720P LED Bulb Spy Camera with Motion Detection Recording


1080*720P WiFi Hidden Spy DVR Wireless IP Light Bulb CCTV Camera Remote control


iBulb – Hidden Surveillance Light Bulb


Bulb Security Camera HD 960P Network DVR WIFI IP Motion Detector E27 LED Light  – this one has Linux / 2 way communication / explicitly mentions separate IR and visible LED / does not explicitly mention PIR

360° HD 1080P Wireless WiFi Hidden SPY LED Light Bulb Night Vision Cam IP Camera


HD 1080P Full Hidden WIFI Wireless IP Light Bulb Camera Motion Detection CCTV  — this is the one that I bought and evaluated. Not good.



  Cadmium Sulfide daylight detectors

  Cadmium Sulfide cells have simlar spectral response to the human eye  – Cadmium Sulfide versus Silicon

PIR – Passive Infrared Sensor  –   At the core of a PIR sensor is a solid state sensor or set of sensors, made from pyroelectric materials—materials which generate energy when exposed to heat. Typically, the sensors are approximately 1/4 inch square (40 mm2), and take the form of a thin film. Materials commonly used in PIR sensors include gallium nitride (GaN), caesium nitrate (CsNO3), polyvinyl fluorides, derivatives of phenylpyridine, and cobalt phthalocyanine.   Note: This is not an IR LED.  


IR LED array with daylight sensor

Ebay: Bulb Board For CCTV Security Camera

   Uses Hi3518 and has firmware download available on webpage



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