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I ran across this snippet in and article regarding a protest march in Kenya:

Thousands took to the streets of the Kenyan capital on Saturday, denouncing delegates at a UN climate change conference here for failing to agree on urgent measures to curb global warming. Led by a marching band more than 2,000 demonstrators, many wearing shirts reading "Our climate, our survival," paraded through downtown Nairobi angrily protesting inaction by the west that they say is destroying Africa.

For the full arty see: Thousands in Kenya demand quick action on climate change

Regardless of the merits or lack thereof of the argument concerning Global Warming I find it very hard to believe they are actually getting concerned in Kenya.   The most likely explaination is someone paid them to march.  You would have to be real patsy to believe this story was on the up and up.  

You've dealt with square conservatives in the past.  This conservative is not.  I am not your patsy-dupe.  I know all the con games going out there and I am going to write about your schtick.   

When its all said and done the people who are going to look like total dorks are the goofy liberals that are running around ACTUALLY believing in Global Warming.   Its a Great Pumpkin scenario.  You're going to look awfully foolish when the pumpkin does not arrive Linus.  At some point likely before 20 years is up when none of the predictions come true you'll know what a dupe you've been if you believed the Global Warming Sales Job.




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