How to force application windows back to main screen

When using an external monitor with your laptop sometimes windows remembers you left a form on the external monitor after you have broken down your setup and gone elsewhere without said external monitor.  This can be frustrating because later when a form pops up and is in limbo off the LCD monitor of your laptop all work stops until you can recover your run away form.

This is one method that has partially worked for me:

- Use Alt+Tab to put the focus on the invisible frame.

- Press Alt+Space on the keyboard.

- Press M on the keyboard.

- Use the left/right/up/down arrow keys until you can see the invisible frame.

LTSPICE: How to sweep a design parameter

LTSpice Parameter Sweep Tutorial 


  • Put the parameter in curly brackets
  • Add the spice directive. Example below:

.param Vsup=1.8
.step param vsup 1.8 1.8  0

Connecting to Cadence Remotely Via SSH on a Linux Box

On a box connected on the same local network   -  ssh -Y -l username IP address

The -Y switch enables trusted forwarding of X Window applications from the host computer so that they can run in the X Window environment of the client computer. The -l switch allows you to specify the user name you want to log in under.

VPN Setup: Ubuntu VPN connection is set up by clicking on the anti parallel UP/DOWN arrows at the top right hand side of the display. Configure the VPN clicking on VPN connections.  When I previously tried finding this via the system tools > network there was no mention of VPN there.  


  • Use the PPTP protocol
  • Enter the VPN server address
  • User / Password
  • In the advanced settings select SEND PPP ECHO PACKETS.

Setting up Microsoft Windows to Run Cadence Remotely

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Installing Cadence Virtuoso on Ubuntu with IBM 7RF 180nM design kit



IBM 7 RF 0.18 um CMOS process

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Glossary Links

  • GDS - Graphic Database System

Momentum in an Electric Circuit

I know what energy and power is in an electric circuit.  It occurred to me I have not ever asked what momentum corresponds to.

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