Car Radios from Cassette Tape Era Modified with 3.5mm Audio Jack Added for Smartphone Input

Sell prices for these range from 125 to 185 with many selling at 185 USD.  Likely they are opening up the circuit input to the audio amplifier and putting this 3.5mm jack that opens up the chain to the audio drive output section.

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Charlie the Unicorn All Episodes

Jim Willie -The Battles Rages – Birth of Financial Computing and Listener Questions

—Tthey're about chaos murder power control destabilization and they love killing people—  Jim Willie

Craftsman 919.165510 Air Compressor

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It appears the same compressor is demonstrated in the following videos.  It does not appear to have a beefy compressor sound.  It sounds like a cheap chinese tire inflator.  The second video has a fix with a tear down so you can see indeed it has what looks like a tire inflator style compressor.  


Conclusion:  It looks a bit cheesy compared to the more industrial quality compressors.

Hydroelectric Power Generation in Ohio

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Unsavory Agents Artist Banned from Facebook


The Traveling Server Guy

I noticed an ad on Craigslist – Youngstown Ohio wherein a fellow drops off used servers every so often in a milk run around Ohio, Pennsylvania and not sure where else.

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Cheese Factory in Surgavere

I am told this is this and old cheese factory in Surgavere Estonia.  

How to Set Up Your Own Bitcoin Mining Pool

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6522 West Western Reserve Road Farm with Gas

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82 acres