Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) precision materials deposition system


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Dimatix Materials Cartridge The Dimatix Materials Cartridge is a snap-in replaceable printhead used with both DMP models and is available in 1 pL and 10 pL drop volumes. Based on FUJIFILM Dimatix' proprietary silicon MEMS technology, the 16-jet Dimatix Materials Cartridge is designed for high-resolution, non-contact jetting of functional fluids in a broad range of applications. The industry-first 1 pL cartridge can deposit features as small as 20 μm (20 millionths of a meter) to fabricate products such as organic thin-film transistors (TFTs) and printed circuits.

Video: The Truth About Exercise – BBC Science

The key take away with this documentary is that exercise helps with insulin resistance and with blood fat levels.  There is also the point made that people differ genetically in their response to physical training.  The theory is put forth that intensity of exercise and not the amount of time spent is the more critical variable.

List of Gaming Engines – Including Free Software

There are quite a few gaming engine software packages out there.  Just a look at the Wikipedia listing is interesting.

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Stray Capacitance in MIM XFAB XH018 Capacitors

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Cadence Error LX-2063 Technology Library cdsDefTechLib contains no constraint groups

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When I have a schematic open and click on  Launch > Layout XL the following error pops up.






I found cdsDefTechLib in the library manager as shown below under CadenceLibs.  I need to know what to do with that!  I'm blank at the moment as I often am when using Cadence software.   As blank as when you click on cdsDefTechLib in my current state of setup as shown in the library manager there is nothing listed when I click on cdsDefTechLib


Arun created a test library and when a dialog box came up he _____ with the existing technology library  TECH_XH018.  As you see below the "test" library came up under the XFABLibs tree in the library manager


Right clicking on "test" and clicking on properties gives:


As compared with right clicking on PowerSupply which gives the following dialog box where you see that the techLibName is the generic cdsDefTechLib that is under CadenceLibs and has nothing in it.


So now I have to either find a way to take the existing design library and associate with the existing technology library TECH_XH018  or  make a new library that is associated and copy the files in.

Architecture Help Online

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Slur Website –

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Slur is an open source, decentralized and anonymous marketplace for the selling of secret information in exchange for bitcoin. Slur is written in C and operates over the Tor network with bitcoin transactions through libbitcoin. Both buyers and sellers are fully anonymous and there are no restrictions on the data that is auctioned. There is no charge to buy or sell on the Slur marketplace except in the case of a dispute, where a token sum is paid to volunteers.

Touted as Wikileaks 2.0

French Fiat Currency from Before the Revolution


Android Applications – Investigations into how safe they are to install

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I use quite a bit of open source software and the protection mechanism is that the code is open and can be inspected by capable programmers across the globe.  If you use the popular software that is widely used you can be relatively sure of problems being discovered quickly.  

What about with installing apps into your android based phone?   There are two business models.  Advertising and selling the application.  It appears selling apps is an uphill battle.  So most rely on advertising.

What is the business model? Is there incentive for malware etc?

SleepBot – I want to use this app and thus will be using it as an example to investigate.




The Lost Book of Archimedes : Documentary on the Lost Manuscript of the Mathematical Genius

The Archimedes palimpsest is a 10th century copy of his work called "The Method".  I would like some day to read it.

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