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Book: Designing Analog Chips

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WordPress PlugIn Example with Full I18N Internationalization with the standard files POT PO MO

I am sure now days there are many fully internationalized plug ins for WordPress but this is the first one I have noticed.  I am noting it here along with the plugin archive because I will be writing an internationalized software package soon.

WARNING: Do not download and use with your wordpress installation because I will not be keeping it up to date.  It is only here for study of the internationalization process.


1 nanoamp Current Source with No Resistors Using Self Cascode MOSFET

Note the 500M Ohm resistor is only to test the current reference.  It would be replaced by your application circuit.

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 Archive:  Current-Source.7z     Program = LTSPICE

Extract into directory.  Includes the required MOSFET library file.



Output Current


Supply Current

Ultra Low Current Band Gap References Using NanoAmps of Current with Good MonteCarlo Results

If you need a voltage reference when doing energy harvesting it is very helpful have a band gap reference that uses very little current.  This topology uses “Self Cascode Mosfet”  abreviated as SCM.  The LTSPICE design uses 4.5 nano Amperes and outputs a 0.6 Volt reference voltage.

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   Archive: Voltage-Reference.7z      Program = LTSPICE

Extract into directory.  Includes the required MOSFET library file.


LTSPICE Analysis

Vref versus Temperature


Voltage reference current consumption versus temperature

Monte Carlo Analysis with Cadence

  •  Note how tight the voltage control is
  • Current usage = 1 nAmpere

MC_Voltage-Reference_V09 Schem_Voltage-Reference_V09


Internet Forum Software – Simple Machine Forum

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Krav Maga: Countering Hook Punches

Hook punches / haymakers are often used by people who do not know how to throw a punch.  For this reason it good to know how to counter them.

Krav Maga Street Fight Knockout

B3TA Website – British puerile digital arts community


Cecil the Seagull Deterrent

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Fly Gif Animation