LED Lighting and Lighting Effects

Flexible LED Matrix







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Flat Flush LED Lighting Panels


Ohio Auction Houses for building material


Trying to change time zone in Windows 7 and the clock software freezes

I moved time zones and I could not change time zones because the software would freeze.  Naturally I assumed it was more Microsoft quirks.  However I was finally able to get it to take the change in time zone by going to the INTERNET TIME tab, clicking on the CHANGE SETTING button and unchecking the SYNCHRONIZE WITH AN INTERNET TIME SERVER box.

Video: Monsoon III

Monsoon III (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

U Haul Trailer Hitch Design


Specifications & Measurements

  • Hitch ball size: 1 7/8  or  2 inch ball.
  • Maximum hitch height is specified as 25 inches
  • Measured natural height of trailer hitch ball receiver:  19 inches ground to bottom ( stopped by a U Haul to get this number.  It applies to the hitch seen in the diagram above.  Simpler version without auto safety break will be slightly lower. 
  • Height of the top of the square of my hitch receiver is: 14.5 inches

A rise of about 3 inches would put the hitch at the natural height.  Will use the bigger ball.


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4way1 4flat-wiring1 

My best guess is that the converter consists of some connections or resisters + connections at a minimum.  Will enter what I find here later.

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How to Paint an Interior Wall

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3D Scanning

Here I will collect 3d scanning solution notes.

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The Kinect hardware is cheap if you can get it to do the function. Skanect is about 300 USD.

Teddy Bears – Rocket Scientist

Used on Breaking Bad season 3 episode 5


Complete list of music from Breaking Bad

Ana Tijoux – 1977

Badfinger – Baby Blue