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Ever start endorsing people on LinkedIn?  It's a slippery slope. They keep popping up more people to endorse. When to stop?  It is circular gratification wherein you do the next guy and so on and so on until it finally comes back around and you are endorse.


The Adventures of Pee Man!

During the 90s in Phoenix there was a few guys on public access cable.  I met the "TV or not TV" guy Chris LaMont when I went to see John Houck film some shows with a two camera setup in west Phoenix at the Cox studio.  My all time favorite was Pee Man.   Pee Man was a John Frazzini production.

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Soup from the Ukraine: Solyanka

One version of Solyanka has a variety of smoked meats. 

Agilent ADS: Circuit Envelope Simulation

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Agilent ADS has several features that set it apart from other design packages.  It has nonlinear and "cross frequency" capability.  Envelope simulation is where you want to see the envelope of an RF signal.

I suspect ADS will become much easier to use once I understand how various data are held in arrays.

Agilent ADS – Oscillator Design and Analysis

Advanced Design System 2001 Oscillator DesignGuide

Agilent ADS: Gilbert Cell Mixer Design

PDF runs through how to simulate mixer performance on Agilent ADS

MOSFET: Analog Electronics with LabView

A quicky guide to the many configurations of MOSFET's.

Analog Electronics with Labview

The Check is in the Mail: Monetization of Craigslist Buyer Scams

I like the investigational technique used in this internet research.  They send photos of the items on craigslist and when the scammer opens to look at them their web address is recorded. Not sure if this works against Tor though.

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Adding new models to LTSpice

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Installing and Running FileZilla on OpenSuse Linux