Bitcoin Security: Bubble Boy and the Sewer Rat

How Bitcoin's totally open model's constant testing by black hat hackers leads to the strongest software possible.

Replacement WebSites for the Big Dictator Sites

Our best defense against censorship on the various websites used for discussions of all types is to adopt new sites then keep migrating to new platforms to kill off the old sites as censorship and corporate invasion occurs.

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PEX Quick Connect Plastic Tubing and Fitting System for Plumbing replacement

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Rapid OverView: Development of the Diesel Engine – 1952 Educational Documentary

This video provides a quick historical overview of the different forms heat engines took during the development phase of their history.

Elon Musk demos Oculus Rift & sci fi UI used at SpaceX

Prevent Windows 10 Spying – Privacy & Security Matter

Right click on the task bar to get to the Settings menu

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$300 DIY Tesla Powerwall – Solar storage 18650 lithium ion home Battery

nVidia Jetson Embedded AI Hardware

nVidia Jetson

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Torrent Software Research Notes

I am seeking to avoid malware and adware when installing torrent software.

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