Antique Hydro Electric Generating Plant in Colonia Santana

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VPNs in China to access the external world internet

Styxhexenhammer666: My Three Bits of Advice to Smaller Youtubers Who Wish to Grow


Documentary: Stories from the Stone Age

The most interesting part of this documentary is how it demonstrates the build up of modern institutions as they evolved on top of the underlying original hunter gatherer societies that originally existed.  

( Unfinished commentary.  I want to list this build up as it occurred in temporal order ) 

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First Farmers

Waves of Change

Urban Dreams

BitCoin Core Software

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The first thing you will note is that the Bit Coin Core software will advise you it needs 100GB to download the blockchain. I bought a machine specifically for some new experiments including bitcoin and some other things.

536 Puzzles: #309: A Maypole Puzzle

During a gale a maypole was broken in such a manner that it struck the level ground at a distance of twenty feet from the base of the pole, where it entered the earth. It was repaired, and broken by the wind a second time at a point five feet lower down, and struck the ground at a distance of thirty feet from the base. What was the original height of the pole? In neither case did the broken part become actually detached.

From this you can set up the following equations:

(h-x)^2 - x^2 = 30^2

(h-(x+5))^2 - (x+5)^2 = 20^2


h^2 - 2hx  = 30^2

h^2 - 2h(x+5) = 20^2

Subtracting the second from the first yields:

2h*5 = 30^2 - 20^2

h =50  

VPN Software and Setup

I am going to set up a VPN for my two locations.  This will be my page where I make notes about the process.

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HP ProDesk G1 Mini Desktop


-Processor: Intel® Core i5-4590T Quad Core 2.0 GHz com Turbo Boost to 3.0 GHz 
– Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits 
– Memory RAM: 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM 
– Hard Drive: 500 GB SATA 7200 RPM 
– Cache: 6 MB 
– Chipset: Intel® Q85 Express 
– Portas USB front: 2 (3.0) 
– Portas USB rear: 2 (2.0), 2 (3.0) 
– Placa de vídeo: Integrated: Intel® HD Graphics 4600 
– WIFI : No WiFi

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Although DisplayPort has much of the same functionality as HDMI, it is a complementary connection used in different scenarios. DisplayPort can emit an HDMI signal through the use of a passive adapter connected to a port that is designed for dual-mode.

DisplayPort Adaptation


  • DisplayPorts on the unit show the ++ version:  


Microsoft Hololens

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Solve System of Equations X+YZ=6 Y+XZ=6 Z+XY=6

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Find the solution for the system of equations:

        X+YZ=6            Y+XZ=6             Z+XY=6  

Multiply each equation by the term missing to make each second term a triple

 X^2+XYZ=6X             Y^2+XYZ=6Y             Z^2+XYZ=6Z  

So now subtract the second equation from the first: 

 X^2 -Y^2=6(X-Y)    

(X+Y)(X -Y)=6(X-Y)    


Since the equations are symmetric we should have

(X+Y)=6        (X+Z)=6           (Y+Z)=6 

Subtracting the 3rd from the 1st:

X - Z =0   or 

 X = Z     and again since the equations are symmetric  X = Y = Z  


The very first equation at the top  X+YZ=6   becomes

 X^2+X - 6=0  

 X^2+X - 6=0  

 (X+3)(X-2)=0   giving the solutions

 X = 2,-3