The Herd Defense: Jordan Peterson tells you why zebras have stripes

Jordan Peterson's discussions are quite useful from a practical point of view.   In this talk there is much useful knowledge.  Zebras are not camouflaged against the background but rather camouflauged against the herd.  The lions will wear themselves out chasing one fresh zebra after another if they can not distinguish them.  If you mark… Read More »

How to register a TradeMark

How to look up to see if a trademark is already taken and how to register it if it is not. Research Links Google: EmbeddedRF How to Register a Trademark for a Company Name Search trademark database Example Trademark:  YOGA PANTS IN YOUR FACE

Cheaper Versions of Android Car Computer Carputer

Ebay Links 7" HD Touch Screen Double 2 DIN Car GPS Stereo Player Bluetooth Radio HOT 7" HD Touch Screen Double 2 DIN Car GPS Stereo Player Bluetooth Radio Double 2 DIN Car 7" Player Stereo FM Radio Touch Screen Bluetooth USB WINCE 6.0  – this listing suggests that it is running Windows CE –… Read More »

Major Data Breaches

You hear on a regular basis about data breaches in the news.  This entry is my ongoing compilation of what I see on the internet. Research Links Wikipedia: List of Data Breaches

Using 480 Volt Electric Service with Bitmain Crypto Currency Miners

Industrial machinery often uses 480 Volt 3 phase services.  The problem is Bitmain power supplies specify 240 Volts.  One of the phase legs to ground is 277 Volts which is probably too much for the supply input to take.  What is the solution?  This is the page where I research that. Possibility #1  – 2:1 step down… Read More »