CryptoCurrency Cloud Mining Economics

This page is where I will do calculations regarding the economics of cloud mining cryptocurencies.  I suspect I know what the answer will be….

Research Links

  • EOBOT 
  • Bitofertas  – this is a miner in Paraguay – Ciudad del Este .  They are looking for "investors".  I have my doubts.  They also run an exchange.


LiteCoin CryptoCurrency

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Monero CryptoCurrency

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What happen when you give one monkey cucumbers but grapes for another monkey

Bitcoin Mining Software

Mining Software

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Arctic Temperature Data by Year Compared with Average

It's nothing global warmers are going to want to look at.  Daily Mean Temperatures in the Arctic 1958 – 2017

Hackintosh MacIntosh Computers

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Vicidial is a dialler – agents log into it, managers load leads into it and then it calls the leads so the agents can speak to them. When a call picks up Vicidial shows the agent the lead’s details in a web browser (name, address etc.) and connects the call to the agent. It also records everything it does which allows managers to see useful statistics, find out what happened with leads and increase call centre productivity.

Research Links

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How to find website vulnerabilities with Uniscan