The Money Masters – A History of How Central Banking Dominates the World

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List of Documentaries

  1. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis – Directed by Martin Borgs
  2. 97% Owned – Directed by Peter Joseph
  3. Money as Debt 1, Directed by Paul Grignon
  4.  Money As Debt 2, Directed by Paul Grignon
  5. Money As Debt 3, Directed by Paul Grignon
  6. The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson
  7. Fiat Empire – Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution, Directed by Matrixx Entertainment Corporation
  8. Money, Banking, and The Federal Reserve System, Produced by Ludwig von Mises Institute
  9. The Crash Of 1929 – Produced by Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer
  10. Enron, The Smartest Guys In The Room, Directed by Alex Gibney
  11. MeltDown – The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse – by Doc Zone
  12.  The Take – by Avi Lewis
  13. The Money Masters, Directed Bill Still
  14.  I.O.U.S.A – Directed by Patrick Creadon
  15. The Last Days Of Lehman Brothers




Decline of Putin’s Russia – CaspianReport

Not sure of the reliability of this report on Russia / Putin.  Will be watching it.



The Lie Diagram – Eye’ll Have Another

Eye'll have another

Recalling memory versus constructed memory – Lies.  For right handed people.

These reverse for left handed people.


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Flying USA to Canada: Pre-trip Preparation

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AOPA's Pilot information Center shares this video with information about flying to Canada!  Before you go, make sure you have planned accordingly, and have your checklist handy. 

  • You need your normal documents
  • pilot certificate with English Proficient endorsement
  • valid medical
  • you and your passengers need a valid passport
  • children traveling with just one parent need a notarized statement of approval from the absent parent stating the dates of the trip. 
  • Your aircraft must have the appropriate documents on board as well 

    • a standard airworthiness certificate; operating limitations
    •  weight and balance information
    •  permanent registration certificate.
    • Each aircraft must be equipped with a mode C transponder 121.5 mhz or a 406 Mhz ELT
    • If you are installing extra fuel tanks in the baggage or passenger compartment, they must have a 337 form to accompany them on board the aircraft. 
  • The pilot in command must have a restricted radiotelephone operators permit
  • The airplane must have a radio station license obtained from the FCC. 
  • US Customs and Border Protection requires that you possess an annual user fee decal as well
  • notification of the trip through the Electronic Advance Passenger Information System.
  • any private aircraft traveling to Canada must be covered by a public liability insurance policy. The amounts of required coverage vary, based on the the gross takeoff weight of the aircraft. If the aircraft weighs up to 2,300 pounds, you must carry 100,000 in public liability coverage. from 2,301 to 5,000 pounds, coverage increases to500,000, and from 5,001 to 12,500 pounds you must have 1,000,000 in public liability, and300,000 of passenger liability coverage per passenger on board the aircraft. 
  • You must be on a filed, active ICAO flight plan for your border crossing, and land at a designated airport of entry so that you can pass customs. 
  • You must notify the Canadian authorities at least two hours, but not more than 48 hours ahead of your arrival with a phone call to the Canadian Border Services Agency.
  • Now, if you are flying from Alaska to Canada, you must be on an active IFR, or Defense VFR plan. You’ll most likely cross the ADIZ, so make sure you have 12 inch registration marks on the aircraft as well as an ID data plate. 

For more in depth guidance on flying to Canada, please visit the AOPA website.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey – Londons Central Criminal Cour 1674 to 1913

Old Bailey Proceedings, 15th January 1675.

The first of these was a Woman of the Parish of St. Martins in the fields , a Married Woman , and one whose Husband is accounted a Person of good repute, and credit, and with him she lived, to the seeming of those that know them, contentedly and well, it pleased God (whose Judgments are unaccountable to his Creatures) so for to suffer the Devil to prevail upon this poor wretch, as to cause her to perpetrate that horrid action whereof she was not indicted.

The fact upon the Evidence given into the Court appeared to be thus; this woman had (not long before the fact) been delivered of the Child, which she after Murthered , and was then but newly Siting up after her labour, she was observed for some time before to be some what discomposed and distempered in her mind; the ground of which is Variously reported but not certainely known, but was so far taken notice off, that those that were about her were feareful at any time to leave her alone, and it had been well if they had continued true to their own feares

The day whereon this tragedy was acted, this unnatural Mother Orders her Nurse to make her a Sea-Coal fire in her Chamber, and to blow it up well pretending she was cold; this being done, she sends the aforesaid Nurse upon some arrand out of doores; and then takes her little Infant in her hands, and having first opened a place in the top of the fire, by removing some of the Cools, she cruelly thrust the poor Innocent into it, and then threw the Coals upon it, where it was burned to Death; A little while after the Nurse returning and perceiving some of the Child cloths upon the fire, snatching to take them off, caught hold of some part of the Child that was not then consumed, whereupon Surprized with the horror of the sight, she shreikt out and askt who had done it, which the Cruel Mother presently confessed to be her self, and was thereupon taken into the hands of Justice, and at this Sessions tryed for her Life, as I have before told you, she was at last Cleared by the Jury who juded her not to be of sound mind before, and at the time of doing the fact, and therefore brought her in not Guilty .

Bill Burr Epic Rant in Philadelphia

Epic rant and I could not stop laughing because this is where it got real. 


Hack a Website Login Form Using Burp Suite

DEF CON 22 – Metacortex and Grifter – Touring the Darkside of the Internet. An Introduction to Tor

Low Cost GPS Simulator

It is known that GPS L1 signal is unencrypted so that someone can produce or replay the fake GPS signal to make GPS receivers get wrong positioning results. There are many companies provide commercial GPS emulators, which can be used for the GPS spoofing, but the commercial emulators are quite expensive, or at least not free. Now we found by integrating some open source projects related to GPS we can produce GPS signal through SDR tools, e.g. USRP / bladeRF. This makes the attack cost very low. It may influence all the civilian use GPS chipset. In this presentation, the basic GPS system principle, signal structure, mathematical models of pseudo-range and Doppler effect will be introduced. The useful open source projects on Internet will be shared with attendees.

Speaker Bios:
HUANG Lin is a wireless security researcher, from Unicorn Team of Qihoo 360 China. Before entering Qihoo, she worked for telecom operator Orange, for 9 years, as a wireless researcher. Her interests include the security issues in wireless communication, especially the cellular network security, and also other problems in ADS-B, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, and automotive electronics.

Twitter: @huanglin_bupt

She is one of the earliest users of USRP in China, and keeps active in SDR/USRP research and development since 2006. She contributed to several UMTS/LTE soft base station projects, e.g. Open Air Interface. In 2009, She wrote one free e-book for GNU Radio training, which is very popular in China.

YANG Qing is the team leader of Unicorn Team in Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. He has rich experiences in wireless and hardware security area, including WiFi penetration testing, cellular network interception, IC card cracking etc. His interests also cover embedded system hacking, firmware reversing, automotive security, and software radio.

He is the first one who reported the vulnerabilities of WiFi system and RF IC card system used in Beijing subway.

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