Getting Cadence Mixed Signal Photo Diode Circuit to Compile

The key to solving the problem was carefully looking at the Cadence text output and then opening the correct log file named: ahdlcmi.out .  This file was located in the project folders.

The following problems were flagged

  • /usr/include/gnu/stub-32.h
  • /usr/lib/crti.o
  • ld can not find -lc

ld can not find -lc     was the linker saying it could not find liba.c. 

These were installed using Yast and selecting

  • glibc-devel-static
  • glibc-devel-static-32bit

Both 32 and 64 bit were installed because it was not known which was needed.  I suspect it is the 32 bit version due to the stub-32.h header file that was earlier a problem.

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