IRA Early Withdrawal Calculation Numbers

The writing is on the wall.  Pension plans are a mess and the government will eventually be pressed to seize retirement money and "invest" in government bonds.  One strategy would be to cash out your IRAs early to avoid this line of attack.

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Video Documentary: Seed – The Untold Story

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Greenhouse Plans

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LASER Printers – How they work and subsequent uses of their parts

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There are many applications for LASER printer parts detailed on YouTube and elsewhere.

A video of the hexagonal mirror in operation. It spins very rapidly and must have an indexer to allow position and speed control.

Pine Hollow found on Ebay 1907 Post Card

Jim Willie Interview covering all the Pernicious Aspects of Government and Federal Reserve Policy

From 2014. He makes predictions which have not come true yet but it is probably only a matter of time.

Mining Ethereum on Windows Pc and GPUs

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Open Computing Language OpenCL

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Trigger Your Fat Burning Hormone: Glucagon

How To Raise Your Testosterone