CS322 Computer Science Lecture Series with Emphasis on Encryption Theory – Including the Number Theory Required

This is a video series by Steve Gordon and is well done.  I wanted to understand the cryptology underlying Bitcoin and found this series after fishing around on YouTube.  For my purposes I started off with the 11th lecture in the series that details the number theory required to understand encryption.  I have embedded the 11th lecture in the series below and it starts with lecture 11 but it is only one in the CS322 lecture series and the series is probably better viewed by going direct to YouTube.

CEN-TECH 60725 Infrared Non Contact Thermometer Hacks


This is a black body radiation method of reading an objects temperature.  A previous model had a serial port on the PCB inside the unit.  I will explore inside later to see if this model has also.

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Ruby has Fulfillment – eCommerce Solution

I received a package today containing a cell phone protective case.  On the outside of the package it had Ruby has Fulfillment on it. The package arrived very quickly after clicking through on eBay.  Ruby has Fulfillment is a fulfillment service that stores your stock and ships as required.  The following is a screen cap from their website.

Churchill Custom Motorcycles in China

Winston takes the 2 common cheap Chinese motorcycles on their domestic market and works them over to produce a much better product.

BitCoin Transaction Fundamentals

Animated Mapped History of Population in America

Protected: Genesis LT Automatic Teller Machine

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Smoke and Vapor Detectors

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Fuel Vapor Detectors

John Manville Spintex Long Fiber Rockwool Insulation


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Resurrection Remix Android

Resurrection Remix removes much of the bloatware in Android.

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