Craig Wright comes out of the closet as Satoshi Nakamoto

Personality traits displayed demonstrated in regards "awards" and "fame" are very reminiscent of Feynman. I don't admire sports figures, presidents or musicians. I admire people like this who can scoop up bits and pieces of the universe and form them into something new. Most inventions are so derivative as to be barely worth mention. Very rarely as in this case something totally new in its application in created. This is one of those cases. If he does not receive the Nobel Prize it should be a shock.

Trading Gold Miners

Research Links – the following were gleaned from ZH: Silver: Do Old Indicators Matter Or Is Physical About To Overrun Paper?


Push Notification API in Google Chrome

I had to swap out a hard drive in my main computer because the fan was running super fast and the network connection was always dropping.  Thus everything had to be set up again.  Facebook immediate messages popped up in the lower right hand corner.  Being sensitive to unwanted processes bogging down the processor I wanted to verify it was not due to some facebook software service module.  It turned out Chrome browser has a Push Notification API. This should be fun for joking with your friends.

Push Notifications on the Open Web

Gold and Silver Post LBMA

The Chinese are setting up their own precious metals exchange in Shanghai.  It will be strictly physical contracts there as opposed to the LBMA London exchange where they have phony paper gold that probably suppresses precious metal prices.

Microwave Oven Debugging

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                                      || +------------------------+
                                      ||( 3.3 VAC, 10 A, typical  |
                        TP  Relay or  || +------------+------+FA F| Magnetron
       _    I       I   __    Triac   ||              |    +-|----|-+
   o--- _---/ --+---/ --  ----/ ----+ || +------||----+    | |_  _| |
                |                    )||( HV Cap      |    |   \/   |
  AC           I \ I=Interlock       )||(           __|__  |   ___  |
 Line           |  TP=Thermal Prot.  )||( 2,000 VAC _\_/_  +----|:--+
   o------------+-------------------+ ||( 0.5 A       | HV      |'--> Micro-
                                      ||( typical     | Diode   |      waves
       (Controller not shown)         || +------------+---------+
                                                      -  Chassis ground

Logistics in Paraguay

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Gold Mining in Paraguay Paso Yobai

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Video: Rectal Polyp Removal

These videos are quite interesting demonstrations of the capability of polyp removal using colonoscopic techniques.


BitCoin Mining Economics Estimation

Summary of profitability analysis

  • Daily profit = 8 USD  assuming a cost of 0.10 USD per kilowatt * hour

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OverView of Bitcoin System in Series of Videos

Research Links

Bitcoin: Digital signatures: A high-level explanation of digital signature schemes, which are a fundamental building block in many cryptographic protocols.




The verification of message appears similar to CRC checksum when operating on a string of bytes with the CRC checksum appended which results in zero. ( if I remember correctly )