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Documentary Deep Web 2015

Very interesting interview with the writer / director of this documentary.

Cubic Polynomial with 3 Real Roots

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For the cubic


with three real roots, the roots are the projection on the x-axis of the vertices A, B, and C of an equilateral triangle. The center of the triangle has the same abscissa as the inflection point.

Electronically Tuneable Lense and Glasses


I first saw talk about electronically tuneable glasses in 2012.  The company involved appears to have given up.  ( check my work ).  But it is too attractive of a field of work to be left alone.   It is suggested electronically tuned lenses may be used for lense replacements in cataract surgery. 

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OpenBCI Brain Computer Interface

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Warning! Bitcoin

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The Bitcoin Gospel

Cessna 172

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Aeroclube de Santa Catarina

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All The Presidents’ Bankers with Nomi Prins

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