How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2

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Book Review: Professor Van Nostrand: CMOS Analog Design Using All Region MOSFET Modeling

Cmos Analog Design Using All Region MOSFET Modeling

Disabling Windows 7 Automatic update Restart

Disable or Enable Windows 7 automatic update restart

Bike Arizona to Floripa


Bruce Schneier Talk about NSA techniques and how to fight them

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Nose Breathing with gusto!


Two Face Rides with Me




Two face rode with me from the time I picked him up outside Good Will in Saint Louis until my return to Phoenix 2.17.2014.  He will go to Brazil with me.

Jim Dude: The various projects thereof

Just got off of the phone with Jim Dude.  He is quite a character and I will be talking to him more.

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Asterisk was a functional concept, but had no real way of becoming a practical useful thing, since it didnt, at that time, have a concept of being able to talk directly (or very well indirectly for that matter, being that there wasnt much, if any, in the way of practical VOIP hardware available) to any Telecom hardware (phones, lines, etc). Its marriage with the Zapata Telephony system concept and hardware/driver/ library design and interface allowed it to grow to be a real switch, that could talk to real telephones, lines, etc. 

Music: Devo – Can’t get no satisfaction


Transcranial direct-current stimulation


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