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536 Puzzles: Problem & Solution #92: The Meeting Cars

The Crackhams made their first stop at Bugleminster, where they were to spend the night at a friend's house. This friend was to leave home at the same time and ride to London to put up at the Crackhams' house. They took the same route, and each car went at its own uniform speed. They kept a look-out for one another, and met forty miles from Bugleminster. George that evening worked out the following little puzzle: "I find that if, on our respective arrivals, we had each at once proceeded on the return, journey at the same speeds we should meet at forty-eight miles from London. If this were so, what is the distance from London to Bugleminster?

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536 Puzzles: Problem & Solution #84: The Donkey Cart

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Fat loss Regimes – Eric Berg



Bruno Vassel Soaring Videos and Website

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2004 Retro Bronco Concept Car

I wish they would have made this.  

Google Image Search: 2004 ford bronco concept

YARA Malware Scanner

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Overflow Exploitation, Step By Step and Subsequent Usage with Metasploit

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536 Puzzles: Problem & Solution #284: Choosing a Site


This is what the author called a trick question.  The sum of the distances are constant.  To see why draw in lines from the vertices of the original triangles forming subtriangles T1,T2,T3.  

Now the sum of the areas of T1,T2,T3 = area of original equilateral triangle which is constant for this problem.  Since the area of a triangle is Base * Height 

A_T1+A_T2+A_T3 = A_Equilateral

B*H_T1+B*H_T2+B*H_T3 = A_Equilateral

H_T1+H_T2+H_T3 = A_Equilateral/B= H_Equilateral 

So it does not matter where you place the house.

Advanced White Hat Hacking Video Series

01. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Introduction
	0101 What You Should Expect
	0102 What You Should Know
	0103 What You Will Learn
	0104 System Requirements
02. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Getting Organized
	0201 Ethical Hacking
	0202 Dradis Framework
	0203 Using Notes With Dradis
	0204 Importing Data With Dradis
	0205 Installing Plugins In Google Chrome
	0206 Installing Plugins In Mozilla Firefox
	0207 Raspberry PI
	0208 SSH Forwarding
03. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Scanning
	0301 Refresher On NMAP
	0302 Scan Types
	0303 Stealth Scanning
	0304 Application Scans Using AMAP
	0305 Web Testing With NMAP
	0306 Scanning And Scripting With NMAP And UDP
	0307 Scanning With Hping
	0308 Payload-Based Scanning With Unicorn Scan
	0309 TCP Scanning With Unicorn Scan
04. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Data Acquisition
	0401 Using Wappalyzer
	0402 Using Passive Recon
	0403 Using Firebug
	0404 Using Groundspeed
	0405 Converting With Hackbar
	0406 Managing Cookies
05. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Metasploit
	0501 Starting Up Metasploit
	0502 Scanning With Metasploit
	0503 Service Scanning With Metasploit
	0504 SMB Scanning With Metasploit
	0505 Importing Nessus Results
	0506 Creating Payloads
	0507 Creating Standalone Exploits
	0508 Encoding And Packing
	0509 Writing Fuzzers Using Metasploit
	0510 Exploits
	0511 Using Meterpreter
	0512 Post-Exploitation
	0513 Pivoting
	0514 Manipulating Windows API
	0515 Client Side Attacks
	0516 Social Engineering Toolkit
	0517 Spear Phishing
	0518 Web Attacks
	0519 Automating Metasploit
	0520 SQL Server Logins
	0521 Token Stealing
	0522 Extending Metasploit
06. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Web Testing
	0601 Running Burp Suite
	0602 Passive Scanning
	0603 Active Scanning
	0604 Using The Intruder
	0605 Brute Forcing Passwords
	0606 SQL Injection Testing With Burp Suite
	0607 Cross Site Scripting With Burp Suite
	0608 Using The Burp Suite Repeater
	0609 Using The Burp Suite Sequencer
	0610 XSS-Me
	0611 SQL-Inject Me
	0612 TamperData
	0613 Injection Attacks With TamperData
	0614 Hidden Form Fields
	0615 ZED Attack Proxy
	0616 Fuzzing With ZED Attack Proxy
	0617 Hackbar
07. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Reverse Engineering
	0701 Assembly Basics
	0702 Buffer Overflows
	0703 Format String Attacks
	0704 Debugging - Linux
08. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Fuzzing
	0801 Peach Fuzzer
	0802 HTTP Fuzzing With Peach
	0803 E-Mail Fuzzing With Peach
	0804 File And Network Fuzzing With Peach
	0805 Sulley
	0806 Spike Proxy
09. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - Wrapping Up
	0901 Extending Your Learning
10. Advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing - About The Author
	1001 About Ric Messier