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Calendário CT2/CT3

The following cut and paste from the calendar should only be used as a guide.  It can change.  Appears the test date may be changed but that may be in error. USE THE GIGANTIC LINK ABOVE FOR CRITICAL PATH ITEMS.

Calendário CT2/CT3

12/11/13         Início do período de inscrições.
12/01/14         Fim do período de inscrições. [PRORROGADA ATÉ O DIA 27/01]
30 e 31/01/14         Prova online de seleção
07/02/14         Divulgação dos selecionados da 1ª Chamada. Os candidatos selecionados receberão um e-mail solicitando a confirmação de participação e o envio de documentação complementar escaneada.
06/03/14         Matricula Presencial, apresentação de documentos oficiais e orientações.
10/03/14          Início do Curso
28/02/15         Fim do Curso.



Summary: The Brazilian push into ICs seems to be to use the Cadence design classes in a 1 year program.

Research Links


CI Initiative – The CT1 and CT2 programs look to be little more than Cadence training programs augmented by an internship afterwards


  • CT1 – Rio Grand do Sul:  program runs approximately August to August
  • CT2 – Sao Paulo: program runs approximately March to March:  FAQ CT2
  • I called CT1:  Talked with:  Frederico Laydner  – He mentioned:  

    • Even the foreign students get the 2000R$ per month stipend.
    • The competition test has approximately 160 people competing for 80 slots.  Not too bad compared to what I thought!
    • A CT3 is being added in San Andre Sao Paulo.


Links: Notes on various processes necessary to enter Brazilian IC design programs


List of DH's  – Design HousesThere are 22 Design houses distributed throughout the country



Correspondence – Felipe Orlando

The program has 3 phases and work like this:

  • First phase: you learn about the tools from cadence and about the theory from the ICs. This phase take 5 months.
  • Second phase: you will apply what you have learn in a project that they will give you, You will have to do by yourself and this will take 6 months.
  • The last phase, you will work on a "design house", that is a company where you will do a internship for 1 year.

In all the phases, you will have a scholarship from the government. About if you can do the program, I can say a little. Now on the program there is 40 students, about half are from another country. I think that doesn´t have any problem with you apply to this program. But you will need to wait for the program start to receive the appliance, that will be on november, I think.  You can get better answers with our manager, Jose Luis Ramirez Bohorquez.
–Felipe Orlando–


Application to the Program


The "Design Houses" of Brazil


Recommended books from the CTI Renato Archer FAQ for the Qualifying test:

  • CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective – Neil Weste, David Harris
  • Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective – Jan M. Rabaey, Anantha Chandrakasan, Borivoje Nikolic
  • Microeletrônica – Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith
  • Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface – David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy

Qualifying Exam




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