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Ebay PayPal Quick Spin International Payment Turn Around Scam

Now that you have read that article I will proceed to show how Ebay and PayPal appear to cover up the fraud and re-register the same guy using the same name and address so he can repeat his fraud !!!! The Ebay ID’s and addresses used are shown below:

anlogvins  He only got 2 feedback entries with this one. Indicates he got less this round. However the time gap between HIGHOBELISK and this id is so long I have to assume there were at least 3 other IDs that he used.
highobelisk After the Alexrokoma ID ebay was emailed by a reader with all the relevant information including a link to all 3 articles. They were asked what Dmitriy Kovalivnich’s new ID was and if they were going to shut this guy down. Their answer was (paraphrasing ) … “we can not give out personal information”. The question was rephrased and ebay was asked if they were going to reregister him. Again “we can not give out personal information”. They may not give out personal information but they sure to give out other peoples personal MONEY !!!!

…..I was informed by a reader commenting that highobelisk was his new ID only after the ID was shut down. If you can confirm any of the relevant information please get in contact !!!

alexrokoma – UpDate: 9-16-07: This ID = NO LONGER A REGISTERED USER, What name will ebay allow him to register under this time????

Address used:

His address is still:
Dmitriy Kovalivnich
49-17 Zelinskogo st.
Mariupol, Donetsk

borisbursh ( 11)

Address used:

Dmitriy Kovalivnich
49-17 Zelinskogo st.
Mariupol, Donetsk 87556 Ukraine


Address used:

Dmitriy Kovalivnich
49-17 Zelinskogo st.
Mariupol, Donetsk 87556

Each time this guy reverses the payment on his sellers and gets the products without paying for them as detailed in the linked article above. Each time Ebay lets this guy re register using the same NAME and ADDRESS.

If you actually spot something wrong with this guy as I did in March ’07 and email ebay about it they send you a nasty gram that reads as follows:

Thank you for writing into eBay. My name is Odessa, and I will be more
than happy to assist you with your concerns regarding item #XXXXXXXXXX,
won by the member .I did review your report and noticed that the member has increased their
feedback to 2.Please understand that once your listing ends with a winning bid, you
are obligated to complete the transaction unless the buyer fails to meet
the terms stated in your listing (such as payment method) or you cannot
authenticate the buyer’s identity. As the seller, you cannot refuse to
complete a transaction if the item does not reach the desired sale price
or if other circumstances arise that cause you to reconsider the sale.
More information on your responsibilities as a seller can be found in
Section 5.2 of the eBay User Agreement at: to deliver an item after a listing has ended may result in
negative feedback as well as a Non-Selling Seller warning against your
account if the buyer reports this transaction to eBay. Wooooo his feedback has increased to 2 !! Thanks ebay, what would I do without you?

Not only is Ebay criminally negligent in this matter by re registering the same scammer 2 times with the same name and address but it appears they try to bury the matter. To see why I say this follow through the following steps as a demonstration of this burial process:


1- Bring up a new browser window and log into your ebay account.

WHY? = This is necessary so you can do an ADVANCED SEARCH.

2- Navigate to ADVANCED SEARCH – on the left hand side click on ITEMS BY BIDDER

3- Cut and paste the following names one by one into the search entry blank and perform the search

alexrokoma borisbursh rterehov


alexrokoma : This search works as of 8/24/2007 because the ebay ID is still active and returns a link to the feedback profile.

borisbursh : Feature UnAvailable: This feature is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have it available again soon.

rterehov : Feature UnAvailable:This feature is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have it available again soon.

Soon alexrokoma will be disabled and it will be visible for a short while until it winks out like borisbursh and rterehov did.

Now we are to the suspicious part. While you can not find the previous profiles used by this scammer using Ebay’s user search function you can still view the profiles. Click on the links below:




I have included alexarokoma because of the eventually disabling of the profile that ebay will do as he goes through his 3rd wave of fraud. ( to my knowledge …..I am sure there is more but ebay isn’t going to allow me to find out how many times he’s used the same name and address )

In order to allow you to see the shut down profiles I have reconstructed the query string that retrieves the user feedback profile from the ebay database. The only way this is possible is because I ALREADY know the ID’s he performed this scam with previously. If I did not know these ID’s there would be no way of retrieving the information. Ebay still knows about this guy. Yet they re-registered him 2 times with the same name and address.

It appears to me as if ebay is attempted to hide the bad profiles that have been shut down to prevent sellers from seeing how many of these scams are being perpetrated. Given the fact that they will refund the PayPal payment to these scammers it appears to me to verge on complicity with the scam.



Freemon SandleWould MonsterID Icon Freemon SandleWould · November 7, 2008 at 5:33 am

These types of scammers are going big time now using dupes in the USA and else where to do the reception of payments.

Ebay made a big big big mistake changing feedback so that you can not leave negative for these are buyer accounts that are used. They removed the ability to warn others.

Ebay PayPal Quick Spin International Payment Turn Around Scam » A MarketPlace of Ideas · August 8, 2008 at 5:34 pm

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