My solar energy / generator shed was modified from a more standard style roof.  I am going to use to to practice design and install of steel roofing and siding.  

Training Videos


Roof Dimensions

  • 146 x  101 inches


Steel Roofing Panel Dimensions

  • panels are about 39” wide, but with the overlap, they cover 36” wide


Standard Colors


Central States Manufacturing – has various color schemes on building photos for evaluation

Divine Roofing and Construction



Parts Reference Images


Gable Rake Trim


Rake Trim



  1. How do I finish the gable ends?  Cover with rake trim?
  2. Am I missing any parts in the parts list below?
  3. How many gasket screws are required?


Parts list for estimate

  • Gable Trim
  • Rake Trim
  • Drip panel
  • Roofing Panel
  • Gasket Screws
  • Butyl Tape 


Quote Information



Goodview Metals – Apollo Pa



TriState Metals – (330) 360-8327





















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